MORE Magazine Launches New Episode of Founder to Founder with Oakland Green Interiors

This past Friday, July 15th, MORE Magazine released a new edition of their Founder to Founder series, where founder Arianna Cruz talks with Genevieve Mills, third generation family member of Oakland Green Interiors, a business that focuses on interior plant design and décor, located at 2999 Silver Dr Unit B, Columbus, OH 43224.

In this episode, Cruz and Mills discuss empathy in leadership, giving yourself grace as a leader, learning from others, and creating environments where you can allow your team to grow.

Mills speaks about creating a welcoming environment for her employees, saying, “that part is really important to me so that people can feel like they’re coming to a workplace where they’re feeling appreciated and understood.”

Listen to this episode on YouTube or through MORE’s podcast, Let’s Talk MORE on Monday, here


MORE Magazine was created with a mission of Making Opportunities Reachable for Everyone with curated content that is intended to educate, inspire, and call people to action. Their Founder to Founder series was created for founder of MORE, Arianna Cruz, to connect with other female founders to empower other women and give them the tools to become leaders themselves.


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