Kurieta Talks on How Rebranding Can Give a Much-Needed Boost to Your Brand

How companies managed to revive themselves through rebranding.

Re-branding can be a scary thing!
It has the potential to make your brand work again or bring it to an all-time low!
But, marketers allover and at Kurieta promote the idea of re-branding! WHY?
Does re-branding really work as an elixir that your brand needs? Or Does it provide your brand with an invisibility cloak to save themselves from all the wrong press?
Let’s look at some brands that used it and have never looked back since

1. Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts became Dunkin in the year 2019, and since then they have established itself as a lifestyle- brand. From winning the award for one of the fastest drive-throughs to investing in merchandise on the national coffee market, the brand has grown by leaps and bounds.
Dropping ‘donuts’ out of their name and investing in varied ventures have really helped ‘DUNKIN’ fans understand the motivation behind the company’s step.

2. Weight Watchers to WW

In the year 2018, Weight Watchers rebranded itself as WW in an effort to focus on overall health as opposed to just weight loss. While some people liked the changes that came with the rebrand, such as the WellnessWins reward system, critics felt that the change did not go far enough to pivot the brand from weight loss to wellness.

3. Uber

The popular ride-hailing app Uber experienced a lot of controversy in the last couple of years and decided it was time for a change again. In 2016, to then in 2018, the company changed its logo to start afresh leaving the controversies behind. The brand redesigned its logo to be the company name, rather than the circular motif logo it was previously.
Some critics questioned the redesign, noting the company did a similar overhaul less than three years ago. The logo was met with criticism then, too.

4. GAP

The gap in 2010, decided to re-brand its logo, but after much criticism from its fan, it stopped midway. The company president said they think that it's been a time since they have changed the company logo and will be doing so when the time comes.

5. Starbucks

In 2011, Starbucks decided to change its logo to mark a new chapter in Starbucks history. But, within hours, the company faced backlash on its social media and website. The CNN reporters, on news, said that they couldn't understand the need for Logo change from the business perspective.
However, unlike Gap, the company didn't budge and the logo remains the same today.

So, if you are a brand looking to re-brand, click to read our post on ‘Things to remember while Rebranding’ for a sound and safe process!

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