Big Wins for Pence Media Group at 2022 Telly Awards + PRSA Pinnacle Awards

Big Wins for PMG at 2022 Telly Awards + PRSA Pinnacle Awards

PMG – June 2022 – Client; Nicole Pence Becker 

PMG wins in three categories at the 2022 Telly Awards

Pence Media Group is honored to share that two of our recent videography projects have been selected as winners in three separate categories for this year’s Telly Awards. The Telly Awards annually showcases the best work and projects created within television or video for all screens. This year’s winners were selected out of 11,000+ entries from all 50 states and five continents. The winners include a variety of top-tier brands and smaller media companies such as ViacomCBS, Warner Bros., and ESPN. PMG is proud to be recognized for our efforts in making sure we meet and exceed our clients’ needs every single day. 


Please join us in celebrating our awarded projects: 

Hello Pluie: 2022 Winner in Two Branded Content Campaigns, Branding + Promotional 


Pluie is a self-sanitizing changing table that is safer, cleaner, and more comfortable— revolutionizing the public restroom experience for parents. It is the world's first and only self-sanitizing diaper changing table for public restrooms. Our team had the honor of creating its new mission and unique value proposition statement, and from there, we produced a PMG Production Shoot to capture evergreen assets, including its brand video, that helped to provide an overview of the product and the story behind its origins. The professional video includes an interview with the two co-founders of Pluie, clips that demonstrate how to use the table, and a detailed description of the product.

This video received a Telly award in two subcategories within branded content: silver in ‘campaign, branding’ and bronze in ‘campaign, promotional’. The Telly Awards defined the branded content category as “content created as a way to promote, and is funded by, a particular brand.” 

Campaign, branding is described as a “campaign focusing on logos, symbols, or designs that differentiate a product from other products”. Campaign promotional is described as a “video campaign produced to launch or elevate a brand”.

PMG is proud to support Pluie with evergreen assets like this video as well as ongoing public relations and media efforts. Lead PMG team members on this project included Nicole Pence Becker as Creative Director, Lisa Wallace as Lead Brand Strategist, Michael Durr as Videographer, and Ash Wittmer as Photographer.

The DL Lowry Difference: 2022 Bronze Winner in Branded Content Campaign, Business-to-Consumer


DL Lowry is Indy's #1 luxury salon and has been a pillar of the Indianapolis salon community for nearly 30 years. The salon was founded in 1994 by David Lowry with a purpose—to provide exemplary customer service and quality workmanship through an atmosphere that is upscale, relaxing, calm, and inviting. This video was produced to highlight the DL Lowry experience and showcase its brand new facility in which it was filmed. The video features clips of the facility, client results and styles, and an interview with DL Lowry himself. 

This video received a bronze Telly award in branded content within the subcategory 'campaign, business-to-consumer'. The Telly Awards defined this subcategory as a "campaign produced for business-to-consumer news, marketing, and messaging." 

Campaign, business-to-consumer is described as a “branded content campaign produced for business-to-consumer news, marketing, and messaging”.

Pence Media Group has been working alongside the DL Lowry team for over a year to update their brand and produce evergreen assets. This video was part of a package of a set of deliverables completed within a signature Comprehensive Digital Transformation project with PMG, encompassing video production, photography, a modernized logo suite, brand guidelines, custom website and social media templates, video production, photography, and event execution. Lead PMG team members on this project included Nicole Pence Becker as Creative Director, Lisa Wallace as Lead Brand Strategist, Michael Durr as Videographer, and Ash Wittmer as Photographer.

PMG continues to support DL Lowry each month through brand strategy, content development, marketing and communications, social media management + execution, grassroots marketing, earned media and more.

PMG awarded two honors at 2022 PRSA Pinnacle Awards

Pence Media Group is honored to share two of our 2021 projects that were recognized with an “Award of Honor” at the 2022 Hoosier Public Relations Society of America (Hoosier PRSA) Pinnacle Awards. The PRSA Pinnacle Awards are the Chapter’s annual awards program to recognize and highlight the best public relations professionals and their works within the Hoosier chapter. PMG members Andrea Kleymeyer, Emily Sullivan, and Michael Durr gathered with other public relations professionals from all across Indiana to celebrate their big wins on Wednesday, June 1st at the Indiana Historical Society’s Eli Lilly Hall.

Please join us in celebrating our awarded projects:

Hello Pluie: 2022 Award of Honor, Audiovisual

Pluie engaged Pence Media Group in August of 2021 to help them create a holistic marketing, communications, and PR strategy to establish brand recognition and increase sales revenue. Pluie especially needed strong marketing assets to develop its position in the marketplace.

PMG tapped into our vast network of professional photographers and videographers to set up a PMG Production Shoot with the goal of securing evergreen assets that could easily stand out in a highly saturated market. As mentioned above, this video provides an overview of Pluie's product, the world's first and only self-sanitizing diaper changing table for public restrooms, and the story behind its origins.

DL Lowry Salon: 2022 Award of Honor, Marketing Communications

David Lowry and his team approached Pence Media Group in March of 2021 to help revitalize its already well-respected salon brand and help roll out a strategy to market its new salon location. 

PMG worked with DL Lowry Salon's management team to update their brand and create a marketing campaign that employed a mix of public relations, advertising and marketing strategies and tactics to promote DL Lowry to its consumers and a business audience. The culmination was a grand opening celebration of the new salon, taking place in October of 2021, which included prominent members of the community, such as Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch, Deputy Mayor Judith Thomas, and MasterChef Kelsey Murphy.

Pence Media Group is proud to be recognized for our hard work and commitment to meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations. 

#Consideritdone with PMG in 2022 

If you want to tell your brand’s story, we have all the right creative professionals in our network to create evergreen assets and produce meaningful results for you and your business.

Whether it’s a professional video, fresh social media management, or stellar event execution, PMG is eager to learn more about your organization and support your goals. Contact us to set up a discovery call and Consider it done.

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