EnviroForensics to Present Research Findings at Battelle Chlorinated Conference 2022

INDIANAPOLIS - (May 13, 2022) Three scientists from EnviroForensics, a leading environmental remediation consultant headquartered in Indianapolis, will present the results of their current research projects at this year’s Battelle International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds. The conference is considered the signature forum for the environmental remediation industry and will feature the largest technical program to date.

“Scientific innovation and excellence form the foundation of our environmental remediation service lines. A mainstay of scientific work is peer review, and Battelle’s 2022 Chlorinated Conference gives us the opportunity to share what we have learned and receive valuable feedback from the remediation community," said EnviroForensics President, Jeff Carnahan. “We believe that our application of cutting-edge environmental investigation and remediation approaches keeps our clients at the top of the list of regulated closures each year, particularly at chlorinated solvent sites. We are excited to again collaborate and learn at the Chlorinated Conference this year.”

This year’s presentations by R. Scott Powell (PE, LPG), Brian Kappen (LPG), and Michele Murday Pariso (Project Geologist), cover current remediation topics like the study of dilution to improve injection-based remedial treatment, targeted soil excavation with a passively dispersed reductive amendment in a source area over fractured bedrock, and the use of horizontal colloidal activated carbon permeable reactive barriers to control vertical mass loading into a sandstone aquifer.

These and over 1,000 other posters and presentations will be presented at the Twelfth International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds in Palm Springs, California, which runs from May 22-26.

About EnviroForensics
Founded in 1996, EnviroForensics is an environmental consulting and engineering firm. The company’s mission is to turn environmental liabilities into assets by helping their clients cleanup and close environmentally impacted properties. EnviroForensics currently serves thousands of business owners, attorneys, developers, municipalities, financial institutions, brokerage firms, and private equity firms across many business sectors, including agribusiness, drycleaning, manufacturing, M&A, petroleum, and commercial real estate. EnviroForensics’ corporate headquarters are in Indianapolis, Indiana, and their clients are largely from across the United States. For more information about EnviroForensics, visit their website at enviroforensics.com

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