Joy’s House…This is our Why

Joy's House is in the middle of an Outreach Month! We are spreading the word far and wide about our mission and want everyone in our community to know that we are accepting new families for our Adult Day Services.

At Joy's House, we provide safety, care and community for adults with life-altering diagnoses who are not able to stay home alone or who simply want connection.  For their family caregiver, we provide peace of mind while they may be at work, or time for respite so they may focus on themselves.

We are asking you to help us share Joy's House with the people in your world so that we can keep families together and serve more Guests (clients) with our Adult Day Services.

This week, we at Joy's House challenge you to tell 3 people about our services.  

  • A client
  • A colleague
  • A caregiver in your life

1 in 3 of us is a family caregiver so odds are you're going to share this message with someone who really needs to hear it.

For more information about services, visit our website, or call 317-254-0828.  With referrals or partnership opportunities, email Corrina Thompson at [email protected].

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