Mobile Pitstop Celebrates Three Years of Business

Indianapolis, Indiana (April 18, 2022) – Servicing the greater Indianapolis area since 2019, Mobile Pitstop celebrates three years of tremendous growth as it continues to facilitate convenient car maintenance around the area.

Racecar drivers and Mobile Pitstop owners Gabby Chaves and Juan Piedrahita first started the locally owned business out of a garage space and one service van. Today, the company has seen nearly 300% growth with ten employees and six vans traveling around the Indianapolis area.

With a background in the automotive and racing worlds, Chaves and Piedrahita saw a gap in the car maintenance market – convenience. With car owners’ busy schedules, Mobile Pitstop has filled that gap to bring car maintenance to each and every customer, no matter the location.

Not only has Mobile Pitstop grown in size, but so has its range of services. In 2019, the company solely focused on oil changes. Today, Mobile Pitstop has expanded to provide, oil changes, tire sales and installation, tire rotation, battery replacement, detailing and car inspection.

Booking through Mobile Pitstop is also as easy as its services. The Mobile Pitstop App allows customers to select a location – whether that be at an office space, house, or apartment complex – where a service representative will arrive. The app also conveniently allows for customers to view which Mobile Pitstop team member will meet you on site.

The growth that Mobile Pitstop has seen in just three short years was a welcomed surprise for Piedrahita as he and the team look further into the future of Mobile Pitstop.

“When we started Mobile Pitstop, I never thought we could grow so much so fast,” said Piedrahita. “We had big goals, but we’ve had to readjust to bigger goals to better reflect our growth; today I’m 100% sure we can and will build the biggest automotive mobile service in the country and I’m looking forward to the next 5 years because I believe the best is yet to come.”

Similarly, Chaves’ excitement for the company’s rapid growth leaves a lot of hope and positivity for the future

“If you told me 3 years ago today that we would go from my house garage to a home base shop location with 6 work vehicles and 10 people on staff within 3 years of a start up with zero outside investment and zero business experience, I would have laughed and thought it impossible,” explained Chaves. “Today we are outpacing and outperforming most franchised and national brand brick-and-mortar shops in Indianapolis, and we are only just starting to catch our stride. We have big goals and ambitions and we are driven by making our customer’s experience unlike any other service provider out there!”

To learn more about through Mobile Pitstop, head over to or check out the Mobil Pitstop App to book your next appointment.

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