Ribbon-cutting to be held for new THG Automation facility

The ribbon cutting ceremony is open to the public, beginning at 3:30pm and concluding around 5:30pm on Wednesday, March 16, 2022. The new facility is located off of Keystone and Fall Creek at 2120 Clay Street just north of the Falls Creek Water Plant.

Remarks will be given by the THG Automation President after the ribbon cutting and will be followed by a tour of the facility, with complementary food and beverage offerings. Guests will also have the opportunity to see THG's robotic welding systems up close and learn more about their capabilities.

"We're super excited to celebrate the grand opening of the new THG Automation offices and workshop, and want to say thank you to all of our employees, customers, partners, distributors, and colleagues for their support," says THG Automation President Matt Hendey. "Our company is proudly contributing to Indiana's esteemed manufacturing landscape. Now that we have ample space to continue our work, we will  continue contributing to Indiana's manufacturing advancement and success with automation and robotics."

This new facility will be where THG Automation continues its mission to build the best robotic welding package on the US market. This is achieved by integrating the THG team's engineering and software design expertise with the combined capabilities of Fronius Perfect Welding and the Universal Robots UR10e. Features of the new facility include a larger workshop for building systems and expanded office spaces for the rapidly growing team.

COVID precautions will be used, but masks are not required.

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