Non-Profit 501c3 Fundraising Opportunities with the Colts Pro Shop

  • Where will we work?
    • Lucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, IN) and/or Grand Park (Westfield,IN)
  • Who are we working for?
    • Fanatics - In Venue Retail Team
  • What will you be doing?
    • You will operate a retail location that will include giving great service to fans, ringing sales on a register, working the sales floor, restocking product and being part of an amazing team!
  • When will we work?
    • 2022 Training Camp night & weekend practice sessions in Westfield at Grand Park.
    • 2022 Colts Home Games (including playoffs)
    • Other events hosted by the stadium that Fanatics operates the retail for.
  • What are the expectations?
    • All volunteers must be at or over the age of 18 and able to complete a waiver.
    • Volunteers will arrive 1 hour before gates open and will close the location approximately 30 minutes after the game ends. Each shift is approximately 7 hours long.
    • Priority is given to groups who can commit to more than 1 game/practice and provide at least 4 volunteers per shift.
  • What & how do we get paid?
    • We pay a flat rate per person, per shift. In 2021 we paid $85/person.
    • You are required to complete a contract with Fanatics then onboarding paperwork including a W9 prior to your first shift.
    • You can choose to receive a check or get paid via ACH deposit.
    • The group leader will be required to submit an invoice to accounting after each game or event with the help of the Fanatics GM/AGM.
  • Questions? Reach out to:
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