Building Up Careers in Construction

Today’s labor market hurdles are felt across a range of sectors. Construction is truly feeling the brunt because the industry never fully recovered skills lost during the Great Recession. Plus, as seasoned individuals retire, passing down skilled trades from one generation to the next does not happen as often as it did in years past.

However, the barrier is not just finding qualified applicants; it’s also educating people about the industry including the benefits and value of a construction career.

Readiness for a career should be celebrated just as much as readiness for college. Guidance counselors, teachers and parents should encourage career options in the construction industry just like they would any career involving math, science, teamwork and organizational skills. With continued dialogue and engagement that shine a light on opportunities, it’s easy to see construction as a solid, fulfilling profession.

Here are four ways Messer spotlights construction as an excellent career opportunity: https://www.messer.com/news/building-up-careers-in-construction/ 

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