Help Local Law Enforcement Protect Your Business and the Community

Register: https://www.connectprotect.co/

CONNECT & PROTECT 2022 is the official B-link Indy event by Hoosier Security & IMPD bringing you the latest in loss prevention and public safety measures being implemented locally.

B-link Indy is a high-tech effort to protect Indianapolis that was first launched in 2019 and has proven to reduce crime in monitored areas and has aided in numerous investigations.

  • Is your business or property affected by local crime?
  • Are you unfamiliar with B-link Indy Pro for Business?
  • Are you concerned about the level of security at your workplace?
  • Do you just want to assist in crime reduction?

Attend CONNECT & PROTECT 2022 and:

  • Be part of an exclusive private tour of the Indianapolis Emergency Operations Center!
  • Get a first-hand look at B-link Indy beyond the equipment and understand IMPDs role in securing your local community.
  • Learn the latest business security measures in Marion County & how your business can take an active role in crime reduction.


Event Schedule:

-3:00 PM - Keynote Speakers

-4:00 PM - Discussion

-4:30 PM - Facility Tour (will not be live-streamed)


In Attendance:

-Armando Perez, President, Hoosier Security

-Joe Burge, B-link Specialist, Hoosier Security

-Deputy Chief of Police Kendale Adam, IMPD

-Major Matthew Thomas, IMPD

-Lieutenant Keith Minch, IMPD

-Sargent Steven Schafer, IMPD


Visit https://www.connectprotect.co/ to register for consideration to attend this event in person or live online.

The location of this event will remain private until you are confirmed as an attendee.

Questions? Email [email protected].

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