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Founded in 2007 in Bristol, UK, Ignition DG specializes in the design and management of national and international exhibitions, from one-off bespoke exhibits to modular global programs. They work with global trade shows like Eli Lilly’s Global Exhibition Programme, handling everything from the brand strategy to project management and post-event analysis.


“We exist in that fluid place between physical space and digital space,” says Amanda Fishburn, Vice President of the Indianapolis office. “We create experiences for our clients to interact with their customers, using technology when it adds real value to a brand experience and not just for the sake of it.”


Fishburn says that their membership with the Indy Chamber has benefitted them tremendously ever since they joined last June. By nature of Ignition DG’s work and their staff size, there weren’t many opportunities to engage with people in other industries before they got connected to Chamber events.


“If you didn’t work with us directly, you might not know any of us because we didn’t have reason to get out in the public much,” says Fishburn, “but since joining the Chamber last June, attending events and meeting people for potential partnership, getting out there, it has been great for us. We tried other things before, but because of the multidimensional platform of events, the Chamber has worked best for us.”


Now she sends links to the events to her team regularly, to fill gaps in her team’s experience or network, with a goal for each team member to be involved in networking. And they are already benefitting from the connections they’ve made.


“I attended sales-focused lunch and met Amanda Fisher with Sandler Training, and now we’ve created a sales growth program that’s bringing us a lot of solutions.”


In addition to the events, the Chamber’s weekly newsletter, the Monday Morning Memo, is another aspect of the membership that Ignition DG enjoys.


“We’ve been able to include press releases if we’re doing philanthropic work or put up notices when we’re hiring. We really like utilizing that.”


Ignition DG was founded in the UK, but they like that Indianapolis is the home for their US location because of its close-knit quality and the Hoosier hospitality.


“The six degrees of separation element in Indiana has been instrumental to our growth. I was born and raised here, but I travel internationally often for work and I’ve rarely met people who are quite as welcoming. People are very happy to make introductions for you in Indy.”


To learn more about Ignition DG, please visit https://www.ignitiondg.com/

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