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ConnectThink is a custom software development and IT consulting company that has been in business in Indianapolis since spring of 2010. They help companies that have any kind of business need from a technology standpoint, connecting them to platforms or custom software that make sense for them.

“We help companies that have trouble getting a website up, startups who have the idea for business but don’t have the technical resources, and companies that need their software to work together more efficiently,” says Chris Waugh, Business Development lead at ConnectThink.

A big part of their service is what they call enterprise integration and development: helping companies that have a slowdown in a back-office process. ConnectThink comes up with middleware or other automated applications to help bring those data systems together.

“It’s all about understanding what the business need is, and how we can make the business more efficient. Whether it’s on the marketing side, the technology side, or product side.”

ConnectThink practices what they call being “technology agnostic.” That means they put the technology in place that fits the need, instead of just brute-forcing favored systems. “Sometimes we need to bring in more open-source options, and we have experience with a lot of different technologies because of that,” says Waugh.

ConnectThink has been a member with the Indy Chamber for over two years, and Waugh says their favorite member perk is the events that the Chamber offers. “Whether it’s Connect2Tech, Conexion, Lagers and Leaders, or the CEO-specific events, they’ve all been really great for us. We get to just go out and understand different businesses and industries, their needs, and what problems they’re facing.”

Waugh says that the Chamber’s ability to help him get connected to other event attendees has been indispensable. “Kathy, our membership manager at the Chamber is great at saying, here’s who is going to be at this event, who do you want to meet? And she helps us make introductions and get together, just breaking down the barriers between other Chamber members. We’re all there for the betterment of Indianapolis, so it just helps make everything more connected.”

When it comes to doing business in Indianapolis, Waugh offers this piece of advice to fellow entrepreneurs: “Never be afraid to ask for a connection or referral from someone you know. That can really pay huge dividends. This city is so closely connected and people are really willing to help each other in Indianapolis. That’s one of the things I’ve been really amazed at finding, how many people I have been connected to one-off from people I knew really well, how many new connections that’s led to over the years.”

Learn more about Connect Think at https://connectthink.com

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