Brengle Family Medicine-Direct Primary Care

Brengle Family Medicine would like to reach out to our local employers to consider better healthcare for their employees. Statistically the Direct Primary Care model improves outcomes and saves our employers healthcare dollars. A high deductible plan is best paired with this type of practice. Brengle Family Medicine departs from traditional models of primary care by providing patients with more direct attention from their physician when they need it. Building a relationship with your doctor is nothing revolutionary; it’s just the fastest path to better health.  For example, DPC subscribers report 82% fewer surgeries and 65% fewer ER visits (British Medical Journal, October 28th, 2013).  Appointments may last up to an hour in order to allow patients to express their concerns and receive the answers and care they need. This ensures enough time for patients to understand their problems and treatments. All office visits are covered under this fee, including an annual wellness visit, and a monthly membership also provides access to their doctor through email, text, and other forms of modern media. At Brengle Family Medicine, our patient’s health is always at the forefront.

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