Say Goodbye to 30% down and Variable Rates!

Todays market is ever changing and the days of 30% down to purchase a property, or rather the idea of this, is scaring off many business owners from actually achieving their goals. When a business is ready to expand or is quite literally to large for its current facility, there are options.

It has been widely believed that when touring a new facility, purchasing out a partner, or acquiring another business, you had to have a minimum of 30% down and the rates would vary over a period of 5-15 years. This is simply not the case today, with fixed rates out to 25 years and as little as 10% down, nearly all business can afford to grow! As an example, if you were looking to purchase a million dollar facility, the previous thought was a need for 300,000 dollars down and a high payment due to the short term of roughly 10 years. Now we have the option to only place 10% down on this same building, which will keep your cash flow up and save you an additional 200,000 dollars, and because the rates are fixed and can extend out as long as 25 years, your cash flow will never look better!

The time is now to grow, don't let someone tell you, you cant! No matter what the opportunity is that is presented to you, make sure you have the facts on what is really available, and for any questions or additional clarity, contact us here!

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