How to protect your employees and your business from cybersecurity threats in 2019

A business's most important defense against viruses and ransomware is its employees. Unfortunately, as phishing attacks get more sophisticated, those employees are increasingly becoming weak links in your organization’s network security. Here are three ways that you can make sure your staff have the tools to fight back against the people targeting your business.


Create and enforce a data security policy

As the world becomes more connected, and more businesses move data to the cloud, it’s simpler than ever for people to share information. This streamlines collaboration between departments, but it also makes it easier for people outside the organization to gain access to data. With a simple password or web link, sensitive data can get into the wrong hands.

It’s important to make sure everyone with access to company data knows what information is safe to share, and how to share it so that it stays protected. A comprehensive security policy is key to ensuring your employees know how to properly handle sensitive business and personal data.


Train your employees to recognize security threats

Most ransomware attacks and data breaches occur when someone tricks an employee into clicking a link, downloading a file, responding to an email, or giving out information. The people orchestrating these attacks count on the fact that a surprising number of people will take the bait. In fact, about 1 in 4 users are likely to fall for a phishing attack.

Having a strong security awareness training platform is the best way to make sure your employees don’t fall for these types of attacks. Training should take place as part of the on-boarding process for new hires, and regularly for all computer users in your organization. Fortunately, there are several low-cost training courses that have been proven to lower the risk of a cybersecurity attack.


Test and monitor your staff’s ability to defend against security threats

Once you have a training program in place, it is important to keep track how well it’s working to keep your business and your employees safe. The best way to do this is by using the same strategies that the bad guys use to simulate common cybersecurity threats. Just as regular storm and fire drills keep your business safe from physical threats, simulated phishing and ransomware attacks keep you safe from virtual threats.

The good news is that there are cheap and effective methods for creating, sending and monitoring these simulated attacks. You can even reward the users who report these attacks and provide extra training for the ones that fall for them.


Looking to test your organization’s security awareness? Fill out our offer form for a free baseline phishing test. You’ll be able see how well your employees do at spotting a phishing email, and where your business ranks against others in your industry.


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