Europe Trade Mission

Indy Partnership Trade Mission


In early October, our Indy Partnership team had a fruitful trade mission to Europe, to attract foreign direct investment from Europe to the Indy Region. The primary objectives were to meet with new foreign prospects, trade multipliers, and existing firms headquartered in Europe with operations in Indy. For this trade mission, Chief Economic Development Officer Maureen Donohue Krauss and Vice President Jacob Everett of the Indy Partnership team were accompanied by Executive Director Jeff Pipkin of the Hendricks County Economic Development Partnership.

Trade mission highlights:

  • Visited Germany, France, Switzerland, and the UK.
  • Met with 5 companies interested in Indy investment opportunities
  • Met with German sister city, Cologne, to acknowledge our 30-year relationship
  • Attended an agri-tech event in London, UK


Maureen Donohue Krauss (left) & Jeff Pipkin (right)
meeting with Cédric Chataignier (middle) of the
French-American Chamber of Commerce


“From our first meeting with the Cologne Chamber of Commerce to the British Ag-Tech conference, all of our meetings were very beneficial. I look forward to building on these new relationships and - I hope - helping them expand in Hendricks County," said Jeff Pipkin, Executive Director of the Hendricks County Economic Development Partnership.

Europeans remain very interested in the US market. The Indy Partnership team actively promotes the importance of foreign direct investment as an engine for economic growth. Therefore, we are continuing to secure foreign interest in investing in Indiana operations, which opens the doors to new jobs.

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