Sophos Marketing – Awareness Made Affordable – 92 New Clicks in 25 Days!

The Entrepenuer's Source (TES) Choose Sophos Marketing to Create Mass Awareness.  TES started the marketing service on September 1st and experienced incredible results in only 25 days.  Below is a more in depth case study.  Sophos Marketing is a new member to the Chamber of Commerce.  This service will definitely help any Chamber member achieve similar mass awareness results as well.

Problem: The Entrepreneur’s Source (TES) needed to find a low cost way to create significant mass awareness of the services they provide to a very specific target audience in a very targeted geographic location. They also wanted to increase the number of appointments by getting more prospects to click on an appointment calendar to block out time.

Solution: Sophos Marketing created 2 customized animated Ads that told TES’ story. The messaging was customized to a specific demographic set by TES in a 10-mile radius.  Ads would appear on top tier websites (i.e. & Sophos Marketing provided TES a guarantee of a minimum of 100,000 views of the Ads each month and an Average of 100 Clicks to TES’ website each month as well.  Sophos Marketing delivers this entire solution at a very low price of $499 (One Time Only Setup Fee) and $299 Per Month.

• 92 Clicks in 25 Days
• 234,991 Views / Impressions of animated Ads in 25 Days
• 56% of the visitors that Sophos Marketing sends views more than one page
• Sophos Marketing is now the leading source generating visits to TES’s site
To request a Webex Demo of this service to consider it for your own business. please contact Randy Riemersma directly @ (317) 345-9227 / [email protected].


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