Verizon’s Indiana Investment in its Networks is more than $932 Million since 2015

Verizon Is Building The Future For Our Customers In Indiana, Investing More Than $932 Million In Our Networks Since 2015

To ensure we continue delivering the value and performance our customers in Indiana deserve now and in the future, Verizon is investing heavily in our networks in the Hoosier state, spending more than $932 million since 2015.

The investment is part of a multi-billion dollar spend Verizon makes in our networks across the country each year, deploying the most innovative technology available in the industry today. This includes deploying the first 5G residential broadband internet service in the United States by the end of 2018. Indiana's state capital, Indianapolis, is one of four cities where Verizon will launch our 5G residential broadband internet by year end, along with Los Angeles, Sacramento and Houston. The announcement was made with Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett last month. 5G mobile service is expected in early 2019 as mobile devices become available.

"The state of Indiana and city of Indianapolis have been strong partners with Verizon and have cultivated a business environment that encourages network infrastructure growth and innovation," said John Granby, president of Verizon's Great Lakes Market. "This has allowed Verizon to continue to invest in our networks, delivering several technology firsts and leading the way in transforming how we live, learn, work and play right here in Indiana and across the country."

"Our 5G announcement last month carries an important distinction: Not all 5G is the same," added Granby. "While our competitors have been called out for trying to market 'fake 5G,' including in Indianapolis, we will be the first company to provide Indianapolis with 5G home broadband internet service that is truly a significant step up from current wireline broadband service."

Verizon's continuing infrastructure investment in Indiana also includes major upgrades to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis where the city hosted professional football's "Big Game" for the first time in 2012, including the downtown Indiana Convention Center and surrounding hotels, and adding major improvements at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the largest sports venue in the world. All investments are permanent infrastructure improvements for Indianapolis and the surrounding areas marking Indianapolis as a partner city in tech innovation.

Always Innovating

As the industry leader, Verizon is working tirelessly to provide our customers with the best experience available, always innovating through new technologies to better serve our customers, including:

-- Small cell deployment in cities across the country, including 97 of the top 100 markets, to support growing demand today and to lay the groundwork for our upcoming 5G network. In Indiana alone, hundreds of small cells have been deployed in 28 cities across the state.

-- Carrier aggregation which combines multiple bands of spectrum, maximizing speed and efficiencies.

-- 4x4 MIMO antenna technology which allows your device to use multiple antennae to boost data speeds.

-- Enhanced software like 256 QAM, which allows your phone to exchange larger amounts of information for significantly faster data speeds.

-- The combination of these three powerful technologies--4x4 MIMO, 256 QAM and carrier aggregation drive our LTE Advanced network, significantly improving available capacity and data speeds for our customers in 1,100 U.S. cities today.

-- AWS-3 as well as other spectrum, made available through the decommissioning of CDMA technology, to add 4G LTE capacity for our customers.

Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE, Nasdaq: VZ), headquartered in New York City, generated $126 billion in 2017 revenues. The company operates America's most reliable wireless network and the nation's premier all-fiber network, and delivers integrated solutions to businesses worldwide. Its Oath subsidiary reaches people around the world with a dynamic house of media and technology brands.

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