1MC features Circle City Kombucha and Nomie

1 Million Cups, Indy's monthly event for the entrepreneurial community returns to brew up more start-up inspiration! Join us to hear presentations from two local entrepreneurs. Listen to their story, learn from their experiences, and provide feedback to these rising entrepreneurs.

This month, Wampler Photo will join us at 8:00am to offer FREE headshots on a first-come, first-served basis!

Doors open at 8:00 AM for coffee and conversation, with the program starting at 8:30 AM.

About the presenters:


Founded in 2015, Circle City Kombucha is on a mission to craft the Midwest lifestyle with healthy, natural, lifestyle beverages. Co-Founders Skylar and Matt decided to team up to create a kombucha movement in the Midwest and are accomplishing that by crafting approachable kombucha. The question that drives them is - “Why can’t kombucha be just as ‘normal’ as soda? What would our community be like if it was?” Join us to hear how this 3 year old company has grown from the ground up, and can now be found spreading throughout the Midwest.


Founded as a passion project by local techie Brandon Corbin, Nomie is an app that allows a user to track personal data. It's like MyFitnessPal, but for anything in your life. Over 100,000+ people have used Nomie to privately track, monitor and analyze highly personal data about their lives... Everything from drug and alcohol use, mood and behavior monitoring, to fitness and even sex tracking. Come hear about the birth of Nomie, it's iterations over time, and how you can help it grow.

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