Free Workshop: Hiring in Today’s Marketplace

Are you:

-Confused on effective processes and tools to identify, attract, evaluate and bring on new talent?
-Frustrated by past people that interviewed exceptionally well but didn’t produce results once hired?
-Worried that you’re using your “gut feel” to hire people instead of having objective tools to make good decisions when hiring?
-Not sure of the best way to on-board new people in the first few months so that they have all they need to be successful quickly?

If any of this sounds familiar, join sales consultant Shad Tidler on Wednesday, September 19, and learn how to …

-Attract the people you want to interview.
-Truly evaluate and confirm new people’s skills and strengths before you hire them.
-Make sure that new sales people CAN and WILL sell for you in your company’s environment.
-Ramp up new people faster so that they begin producing quicker.

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