Two New Hires for FlexePark

One of the most important and satisfying milestones of any startup is bringing a new team member onboard for the first time. Andromeda has accomplished that goal twice over with the addition of their first two permanent employees, Joshua Burkholder and Eva Conti.

Andromeda is a different kind of tech company, serving as a springboard for cutting-edge ideas that generate a net social gain with every new application they release and offering consulting services to help others turn their dreams into reality. Their diverse portfolio of projects includes FlexePark™, the shared parking service that is improving how people get around the Indianapolis area.

Both new team members share that same passion for making the world a better place. Joshua Burkholder is a full-stack JavaScript web developer with a strong interest in technology and the arts, especially how both disciplines can work together to positively impact disadvantaged communities.

Eva Conti is a senior editor and quality assurance lead with years of experience in the video games industry. She enjoys tinkering with C++ and Python and is passionate about infosec and automation. Outside of the tech industry, she rescues guinea pigs and is an advocate for positivity and cooperation in the gaming community.

The FlexePark team is excited to watch their new hires grow and succeed over the coming years and looks forward to bolstering their ranks again in the near future.

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