Spanish Program for Daycare Centers

There are fun and exciting things happening at Anda this summer! As you may know, we have been offering Spanish programs to kids and adults of all ages for the past few years, and they have been so amazing. My friends can attest, I am a complete language nerd. And my greatest nerd love is the Spanish language, although I have been dabbling recently in Kiswahili (although my Duolingo app is mad at me right now due to neglect.) Which is why I am so passionate about expanding and spreading the Spanish goodness to more and more. My focus has been centered on kiddos from 2-5 because frankly, their brains are just more ready and willing to soak in the Spanish vibes. No disrespect to the lovely grown folks in our classes, but the neuron pathways guiding your language aptitude have so many more roadblocks than the babies. (No worries, we shall learn on!)

We are so thrilled to officially offer our Spanish program at several child development centers throughout Indianapolis including Flanner House, Christamore House, the Irsay Family YMCA at Cityway, KidzPointe Academy, New Beginnings, Alphabet Angels, Decisions Childcare Ministries, (just to name a few) and several homeschool groups. Isn’t that just awesome?? I get to spend more of my days singing and playing with these littles, teaching them something that will inevitably improve their overall cognitive function and academic performance, give them employment advantages, increase their cultural appreciation, build bridges between communities that may not have existed otherwise, and hopefully ignite a lifetime love for language learning. (Run on sentences are kind of my thing.) Can I just say that I kind of feel like a superhero? I hope you can literally FEEL my elation to partner with all these facilities. This I feel is just the beginning of something amazing and inspiring to come. (I can’t reveal all the Anda secrets just yet, but we going to grow.)

Would you like your child to learn Spanish? There are so many studies supporting the science that from infancy to about 5 years old is the optimal time for a person to learn a second or third language because their little brains have BIG power. We would love to go to your kiddo’s child development center too! Give us a shout out to the director and have them contact us at 888-606-ANDA. Or drop us a line at [email protected] and we can do the legwork. Thanks for reading! More updates to come.

Bye for now… ¡¡Adios!! Kwaheri!! Adieu!

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