Local Startup FlexePark Brings More Parking to Broad Ripple

Finding a good parking spot can often be an ordeal, especially during peak hours, and the pressure rises when there’s a movie start time or a reservation to meet. It becomes an every-person-for-themselves scenario, with cars blocking traffic to snipe valuable spaces as they become available or invading the privacy and peace of area residents by parking in front of their homes when those spaces are all that are available. Sometimes the struggle to find parking becomes so great that customers will turn around and go home, giving up on their plans for an evening out altogether. Business owners have the power to help alleviate this all-too-familiar strain by partnering with FlexePark to make more space for parking without needing to purchase more property or embark on disruptive construction projects -- giving the greatest possible benefit to the community while keeping the impact on their own bottom line low.

Several local businesses are reaping the social and financial benefits of a FlexePark partnership, including Urban Gypsy, A Do Hair Salon & Salon Flats, and Good Earth Natural Food Company. Recently, FlexePark also introduced their fourth public shared parking lot in the Broad Ripple area at Small Box.

FlexePark is calling on other area business owners looking to improve their community to join the shared parking revolution, helping them to transform parking spaces that would otherwise be designated as no parking zones after business hours into usable spots for customers who need them.

Becoming a FlexePark partner is easy and requires no setup costs. Businesses simply switch out their “No Parking” signs with the special scan-to-pay FlexePark signs provided to them, set their own flat parking rate for each spot, and enjoy extra revenue each month. Control over the lot stays with the business owner while giving them new opportunities for additional advertising and promotion -- not to mention the respect and appreciation gained from the community for their help in making Broad Ripple a friendlier place to park.

Business owners eager to bring these undeniable benefits to their community while supplementing their own monthly income can email [email protected] or visit https://flexepark.com/owner#signUp to become a FlexePark partner and bring the shared parking revolution to their own lots.

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