CEO: Collaborative Tech Scene Helps Glassboard Growth

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An Indianapolis-based product development company is making waves in the Internet of Things space. Glassboard focuses on the development of physical hardware products for IoT clients. In an interview on Inside INdiana Business With Gerry Dick, Chief Executive Officer Randy Parmerlee said his company has benefited from what he calls a “remarkable” tech scene in Indy.

"There are so many companies doing some really interesting stuff," said Parmerlee. "One of the things I really like about the Indy scene, and Indiana in general, is just how willing companies are to be collaborative and team up on projects. We're a small companies but we can do some really big things because of the local partners we have and I only see that continuing to grow over the years."

Glassboard works with companies to help them design and develop new products and processes. Parmerlee describes his company as putting the "things" in the Internet of Things. "There's a lot that's involved in developing a hardware-based product, which creates a lot of technical challenges for our clients. So we come in and remove those hurdles for them so they can really focus on what they do best."

Parmerlee says they’ve found a nice gap in the industry with companies consistently needing the types of services Glassboard offers, which allows for continued growth within the company. In 2016, the company announced it was investing $1 million to grow its office in the historic Stutz building in downtown Indy and create up to 36 jobs by 2020.

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