M3 Ultimate Solutions Welcomes Strategic Partners

Bob Paden has joined M3 Ultimate Solutions as a strategic partner consultant and Owner of TIER321, a consultancy focused on helping business navigate change with confidence. Over his 25+ year working career, he has been the catalyst for change in numerous organizations, large and small, local and global, working to create, build (or rebuild) and ultimately launch new organizations and processes that drive bottom and top line results. Working with businesses to change the trajectory of their course through sound strategy, planning and executionis his passion.

He has built and evolved TIER321 to serve a variety of clients in different change situations: preparing for sale of a business, planning and execution of a revised business plan, executing a technical engineering and supply chain project plan, introducing new services, advising businesses on business development strategy and sales operations improvements while working through various scenario planning exercises to ensure clarity in future business operations.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Purdue University.


Gordon Adelsberg has joined M3 Ultimate Solutions as a strategic partner consultant and President/Owner of Adelsberg Consulting, LLC. Throughout his 25 year career, he has helped companies of all sizes improve their performance and operate more efficiently. He is a serial entrepreneur and also has deep expertise in lean manufacturing and process improvement. He has created and sold small businesses, and also has helped multinational firms such as Suncor Energy and Enbridge Gas Distribution make major improvements in their performance. As well as bringing experience in lean manufacturing and lean six sigma, he also is our resident expert in on-the-job safety and process safety. Currently he is working with mid-market companies and private equity firms.

He holds Masters of Business Administration in Finance from Penn State University, a Masters of Science in Food Science from North Carolina State University, and a Bachelor of Science in Food Science from Cornell University. He is a certified Project Management Professional and a Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt.

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