SRAM: Playing a Larger Role in Indy


Chris Case is the Director of Operations at SRAM, a global provider of cycling components. Although a global organization, the company still maintains their entrepreneurial mindset. Even with over 3,300 employees, the company continues to do all the research and development for future products, along with the engineering and launch activities for global carbon fiber zip wheels in Indy. The company continues to provide cutting edge technology due to their partnership with a local wind tunnel. Through relationships with local companies and organizations, SRAM is able to anchor their Zipp wheel brand right here in Indianapolis.

SRAM works with the surrounding community in more than just production, the company is also playing a large role in the city’s bike initiative. SRAM works with the city as we make progress in becoming more bike friendly. Not only do SRAM employees sit on the mayor’s bicycle advisory council, but the company also works directly with local businesses and programs that are bicycle advocates. Through Develop Indy, SRAM has made connections and built relationships with other individuals pushing this initiative. The resources provided by Develop Indy allow the company to continue to spread the word and encourage change. Case believes that the programs offered by Develop Indy and the Indy Chamber have gotten the right people in the room to have the right conversations.”


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