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Angela Smith Jones, J.D. currently serves as the Deputy Mayor of Economic Development for the City of Indianapolis. Previously, Angela was the General Counsel and Director of Public Policy and Legislative Affairs at Indy Chamber. Through these influential roles, Jones has gained a strong understanding of Indianapolis’ business environment. As the Deputy Mayor, Jones provides oversight to Develop Indy, the city’s economic development organization, and Employ Indy, the city’s workforce improvement board. Leading these organizations, she directs the strategies of business retention and expansion, attraction of new companies, job growth, and the development of a strong workforce pipeline for the city of Indianapolis. Jones has led the attraction and expansion of Dow-DuPont, Salesforce, and fostered the growth of Indianapolis’ marketing tech sector with targeted initiatives.

As an Indy native, Jones has a great appreciation for what the city has to offer and has watched Indy build a strong foundation and become a place people want to work, live and play. The city has a business environment that allows an individual to become a player and decision maker. With a strong networking community and a unique hospitality thread, Indianapolis is a warm, welcoming, and diverse city for both employers and employees.

Through her position, Jones has a unique relationship with Indy Chamber. As she works with current and prospective Indy businesses, Develop Indy helps build the incentives packages, attract new companies, and help local companies grow. Jones believes that Develop Indy addresses incentives in a unique way to positively impact our city, create opportunity, and best help the companies to grow.

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