DEYLEN REALTY: Growth in Indy is Transformational


Craig Von Deylen, owner of Deylen Realty, has a long history with architecture in Indianapolis. He started Deylen Realty around 2006 when he recognized an opportunity to participate in the re-development of the Fountain Square. Over a decade later, Von Deylen says that the area has transformed into “a really interesting hip arts and entertainment district for downtown Indianapolis”.

Today, Von Deylen recognizes the large change that has occurred in Indianapolis. This change is in part due to initiatives such as the revitalization of the Fountain Square area and also the creation of the Cultural Trail, which increased assessed property values near the trail by $1 billion since 2008 according to the IU Public Policy Institute. With impressive stats like that, Von Deylen believes the growth downtown makes Indy a stand out among other cities. Von Deylen has stayed in Indianapolis because of this growth and also the opportunity that he has found in this city. He believes young individuals can find more opportunity in the Indianapolis business community than other cities because here, they are taken more seriously and stand out as individuals rather than being just “one of many.”

Develop Indy has been very beneficial to Deylen Realty throughout their many projects. Von Deylen doesn’t see Develop Indy as just a resource for his business but believes that Develop Indy is a tremendous asset to the city of Indianapolis.

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