Fairbanks launches Employer Services Division

Fairbanks has launched a new Employer Services Division and program to help Midwest companies mitigate the rising costs of healthcare related to substance abuse and improve employee productivity.

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, drug abuse costs employers nearly $81 billion each year in turnover, productivity reductions, absenteeism, sick-time utilization and lower work quality. Between shifting healthcare legislation and rising insurance costs, ensuring employees make the most of their healthcare benefits and remain productive team members can be a daunting task for employers.

The new Fairbanks Employer Services Division is uniquely positioned to help employers identify and provide care for employees or their dependents who may suffer from substance use disorder or addiction. One of the premiere programs offered through the new division is Fairbanks Spotlight™ , a behavioral-health intervention program designed to help employers increase employee engagement while positively reducing healthcare costs. Fairbanks Spotlight will be available in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio.

“As a long-time leader in treating addiction, we understand how substance abuse can negatively impact an organization and believe this first-of-its-kind interventional model will help,” said Barbara Elliott, president and CEO of Fairbanks. “We’re excited about this innovative approach in helping organizations identify and assist employees who need help.”

Fairbanks Spotlight uses proactive behavioral-health coaching with proprietary analytics to identify and assist employees and their dependents with solutions in addressing the individual’s unique health and productivity challenges. The program is designed for self-insured employer groups with 500+ employees in various industries including manufacturing, healthcare providers, school systems and other companies who want to increase employee engagement and improve productivity while lowering expenditures seen in rising benefit costs. Spotlight combines proprietary analytics with a proactive consultative approach to identify and mitigate previously unrecognized behavioral-health employee issues, identifying the hidden drivers of lower productivity before they can develop into costly, adverse work situations.

The new Spotlight program combines the gathering of data analytics to create a profile of a company’s employees. Using these analytics, licensed behavioral coaches provide proactive counseling in order to improve the productivity and well-being of staff members.

“We continue to enhance our capabilities and work to provide employers excellence in employee support services,” said Elliott. “This new initiative reflects the broader offering of our programs and services, along with our commitment to seek innovative solutions that maximize human potential.”

Spotlight is one of several new programs and services available through Fairbanks Employer Services. Others include: inpatient and outpatient services, education courses, residential care, recovery management and supportive living programs. Fairbanks offers a full array of evidence-based, customized treatment options for employers. With its full continuum of care and more than 70 years of expertise and proven treatments, Fairbanks will tailor a specific program based on a company’s needs.

Visit the website FairbanksEmployerServices.com for more information.

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