Indiana Company Experiences 3X Growth – Again

May 23, 2018 –

Last year at this time, Cyclone Social was in the process of moving into its new location on Main Street in downtown Fort Wayne and eyeing an expansion into new markets after tripling its staff size in 2016.

A year later, Cyclone Social has again tripled its revenue, tripled its list of clients, and started a presence in new markets. To date, Cyclone Social has worked with 138 different companies in ten different states: Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Arizona, Florida, Michigan, California, Colorado, Kentucky, and New Jersey. Which is quite an accomplishment when considering Cyclone Social refuses to work with a client’s direct competitor (limited to one client in every industry), this narrows the field tremendously. However, Cyclone Social has found a way to continue its rapid expansion.

The growth of Cyclone Social is being felt across the state as they are beginning to make waves in Indianapolis as well. Since its inception, the marketing agency has worked with 10+ clients in Indianapolis and expects more growth in that community over the coming months. Currently at 18 total employees, Cyclone Social is continuing to recruit and hire new talent as well. Andrew Lamping, founder/CEO of Cyclone Social, advertised two jobs in February 2018 and received over 1,300 applicants from all over the country. “It’s very difficult to sort through so many applications, but it’s a very exciting time for Cyclone Social and it’s a great sign for the growth of our community. It goes to show that Indiana can compete for skilled professionals with anyone in the country”, expressed Lamping.

About Cyclone Social LLC

Cyclone Social, founded in 2012, is a strategic social media marketing company based in Indiana. It has worked with companies locally, nationally, and internationally in strategic marketing. Its services have led to millions of dollars in revenue and amazing gains in social media reputations. Over the past few years, the marketing agency has evolved into a fully-fledged operation capable of delivering innovative strategies and content to clients. More about Cyclone Social can be found on its website

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