Hylant Seminar: Managing Risk in Silos Can Be Costly for Your Company

What if you had a way to quantify and qualify risks for your company that positioned you in the driver’s seat of managing costs, growing your business, and attracting and retaining talent?

It’s a challenge to ensure major business decisions are in alignment for your entire organization. And these decisions can be costly if you aren’t considering their impact on other key areas of your company – areas that might surprise you.

Join Hylant experts - Nathan Peterman and Sarah Million - as they speak about key emerging trends in risk management. And, more importantly, the potential impact to your business, if any of the concepts are implemented independently and not vetted across the aisle.

Takeaways - Learn about proactive measures your company can take:
• Pharmacy cost containment strategies and the exposures created by eliminating coverage for certain medications
• Stop loss captives and the potential danger zone of not properly documenting and covering your bases
• Increased access to data and the risk that puts you in as an employer

Join us in Indianapolis on May 22 or Bloomington on May 23! To register contact Shannon Orr at [email protected]

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