Helping Small Businesses Go Global

The Indy Region is open for business, and so is the world beyond our borders.

The GoGlobal Grant Export Acceleration Program, presented by the Indy Chamber and JPMorgan Chase, is helping mid-market companies pursue new or expanded export efforts to foster growth in the Indianapolis region, promote a diverse and resilient economy, and support job retention and creation.

GoGlobal Grants provide up to $5,000 in matching grant funding to qualifying companies to support their export activities. Grants match and reimburse company expenses for future export activities.

Exporting can seem like a daunting task for smaller companies. One GoGlobal Grant recipient said, "the hardest part of exporting is finding the right partners."

Recipients have used GoGlobal Grants to address these challenges through export plan development and training, trade show attendance and industry conferences, trade missions and other support services related to exporting.

From candy to circuit boards, local companies are joining multi-national heavyweights by exporting a diverse range of Indy-made goods overseas, benefiting their bottom line in doing so.

Past recipients include:


With 80 percent of the World's consumers living outside of the United States, companies in the Indy-region need to tap into the vast potential these markets bring.


What does #GlobalIndy mean?
Indy is a global region open for business. #GlobalIndy is our way to tell this story together, to show how international business and cooperation drive our region and impact all facets of life.

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