Fuzion’s New Website Highlights Deep and Broad Expertise in the LTCi Industry

Carmel, Ind. - Fuzion is excited to release an updated website to educate site visitors of its sole focus on the long-term care insurance (LTCi) industry and showcase its capabilities. The new site is available and can be found at www.fuzionanalytics.com.

The launch of the new website reflects Fuzion’s continued dedication to serving the LTCi industry. The goal of the new site is to inform site visitors of the areas in which Fuzion can support LTCi carriers. In addition to managing entire blocks of LTC insurance, Fuzion can support carriers in the areas of fraud mitigation, data analytics, audit / oversight, and claims management. One important new area of the site is Industry Challenges. In this area, case studies are offered to reflect what Fuzion has learned from its current and past client experiences and to show there is a better way to manage some of the complexities in this industry.

Fuzion highlights its accomplishments, LTCi news, and involvement in industry happenings in the site’s News & Events section. Amongst the new features, the site contains integrated social media links for Linked In, Twitter, and Instagram to keep visitors updated with Fuzion’s additional communication platforms. “Fuzion is invested in making a significant contribution to the LTCi industry through improving block performance. Our metrics-driven processes and the utilization of proprietary platforms, driven by skilled data scientists and industry professionals, is making a difference in operational efficiency gains and financial results,” states Barry Staldine, Fuzion’s president and chief executive officer.

Fuzion delivers critical client value through optimizing the management and minimizing the various risks of long-term care insurance. This new website reflects the importance of Fuzion’s ability to deliver results within the LTCi industry and the associates that make this possible.

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About Fuzion

Fuzion is an expert in long-term care insurance (LTCi). With its complete focus on this industry, the company is optimizing performance through sharing its expertise gained from holistic LTCi block management. Core claims management capabilities include fraud mitigation and oversight. Fuzion utilizes the results of data analytics to focus its efforts, creating a culture of continuous improvement and operational excellence. By leveraging the passion of its associates and equipping them with technology, Fuzion provides best-in-class service to improve the financial performance of blocks of long-term care insurance.

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