Silver Citizens Matinee Social

Mind-Body-Soul Connection LLC is thrilled that 2018 marks our 3rd year of supporting family caregivers and the elderly. We have hosted 10 events with over 278 guests in 2017. We look forward to 2018 being our biggest year yet. Our signature event, the Silver Citizens Matinee Social is returning with its unique blend of socialization, comedy and inspirational uplifting entertainment, which is one of the most powerful tools that is vital to help reduce loneliness and social isolation among family caregivers and the elderly. These are issues caregivers and their older and wiser loved ones are experiencing, which are often overlooked and unnoticed.

Our Vision: A heartfelt way to host a social venue for family caregivers and the elderly to get outside the walls of their home to mingle, be inspired through comedy and inspirational entertainment, and be engaged to share jokes.
Our Mission: To help reduce social isolation and loneliness among family caregivers and the elderly, and provide resources to help manage the responsibility of caregiving and aging loved ones to live a healthy lifestyle with health challenges.

Sponsorships are vital for the success of our events. If interested in supporting our cause to help make a difference, and would like to become a sponsor, please contact Janet Mackins, mbsconnect2014@gmail.com. Thank you, together we can make a difference!

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