#FollowFriday – March 2, 2018

Cue the spotlight for the social media posts we're following closely this week:



For those of you who've had the pleasure to meet Brittany Smith, you know how on-fire she is for Indy and local culture. Develop Indy put together a great feature article on her - check it out.




Our Entrepreneur Services division helps small business owners of all industries start and grow their ventures. One of those stories is from Alyssa Barr of Plenty Lifestyle.




Junior Achievement of Central Indiana held their annual gathering last night, and we were excited to see the lineup of leaders from Indy Chamber member businesses inducted into the Central Indiana Business Hall of Fame!




Move over, Chicago: Portillo's is growing again in the Indianapolis regional market, this time on Indy's south side. May chocolate cake shakes and Italian beef sandwiches be plentiful.

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