Training New Supervisors in Indianapolis

Based on the best-selling book, From Bud to Boss, the Bud to Boss Workshop teaches core principles, techniques and approaches that you can apply to any situation that you’ll face as a new leader.

Bud to Boss is for transitioning leaders that face new challenges and need key skills to add to their leadership toolkit in order to succeed as a leader right from the start.

Training to Ease the Transition...

Designed specifically to address the needs of anyone who is new to supervising and managing others, Bud to Boss will provide the foundation new leaders need to take on a new position and move forward in their career.

Attendees will learn the kinds of things it usually takes managers years to learn and we address the biggest challenges that new leaders face including:
• How do I communicate with new peers that have way more experience than I do?
• How do I gain respect, trust and credibility in my new role?
• How can I resolve conflict between employees?
• What is the best way to communicate about difficult issues?
• How can I manage my time and juggle an ever-changing list of priorities?
• What do I do to help people deal with change, and how do I minimize their resistance to it?
• What’s the best way to delegate effectively?

We’re excited to bring this workshop to Indianapolis because we know that as Chamber members, we’re all invested in working to develop key competencies to become the best we can be.

We are coming to Indianapolis on April 9-10. Visit, to learn more about the workshop, get registered, and even download a free tip sheet.

Make the commitment to your career and your success, and join us today!

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