Entrepreneur Spotlight: Plenty Lifestyle


Faith, passion and purpose were the key ingredients for local entrepreneur Alyssa Norwalk’s new venture, Plenty Lifestyle, which opened June 2017 at 54th and the Monon Trail.

Inspired by her mother’s retail career, Alyssa’s first experience with entrepreneurship was through co-ownership of Gingko, a boutique in Broad Ripple she ran with partners until 2008. After stepping away from Indianapolis and entrepreneurship for a number of years, Alyssa returned to Indianapolis as a recently divorced, single mother of four with a desire to add a meaningful challenge to her life.

Alyssa’s vision for Plenty initially started out as an online platform to buy local products, but the concept evolved into something that would engage all the senses: a brick-and-mortar lifestyle shop featuring 80% locally-sourced artisan products. From furniture and candles to jewelry and artwork, Plenty Lifestyle is a place “where people walk in feeling great, and walk out feeling even better.” Located just off the Monon Trail, a gathering point for all types of people, Alyssa was intentional about designing a shopping experience that is inclusive of all shoppers to make local products more approachable.

Through her past experience with retail, Alyssa knew it would not be an easy task to start a business on her own. However, she also knew there were resources available to help her through the process and alleviate some of the stress of managing things as a single mother and sole proprietor. Alyssa connected with a business coach through Business Ownership Initiative to help her get the business plan and financials squared away. With this organized base to start from, Alyssa felt confident managing the growth of her business.

As a business motivated by faith, purpose and passion, the growth of Plenty isn’t necessarily limited to cash flow. Alyssa’s goal for the store is to have a lasting community impact. The store is frequently kept open for events to benefit the featured artisans as well as local charities. In early February, Plenty hosted a fundraiser for ArtMix, where they raised over $1,000 for the local nonprofit which serves adults with mental disabilities. Alyssa says the public can expect to see more events that will help elevate these artisans and create awareness for local causes.

With support from Business Ownership Initiative and the larger entrepreneurial community, Alyssa quickly discovered that Indy has the right resources to help her pursue her passion.

Follow Plenty Lifestyle’s growth on social media, or visit their website at www.plentylifestyle.com

To schedule a meeting with a business coach, visit www.indychamber.com/coaching.


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