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A lot has happened in the 90 days since we last talked with Nate Malloy. Profile is announcing franchise deals nearly every week. The company launched Profile Precise, a genetic test that integrates into Profile’s coaching model. Profile successfully went to market with - and then sold out of - two seasonal protein shake flavors.

Listing all the ways Profile is growing would make for a really long article. Instead, Profile Nation sat down with Malloy to get his perspective on the company’s overall direction.

Profile Nation: Let’s start like we always start. What’s on your mind right now?

Malloy: Growth. We expect to grow very quickly. I have a mentality that everything I do on a day-to-day basis is about helping Profile grow. The solutions we find and the decisions we make every day have to focus on people, systems and infrastructure. At the same time, we have to continue to innovate; to keep pushing to shake up the weight loss and wellness category.

Profile Nation: Speaking of innovation… what’s your take on Profile Precise?

Malloy: Speaking as a Profile member, the results were valuable. Steve (Profile’s Chief Healthy Living Expert) explained my results and helped me understand what I could do with the information. For me, the whole Precise experience has changed my mindset. I know what I need to do, and it changed how I set goals for myself.

Profile Nation: Interesting. Your answer is more about personal growth, and not business growth. So, what about from the business perspective?

Malloy: My answer does show how we’re growing as a business. As a member, I found a lot of value in this new service. If a service is a game-changer for our members, it’s a game-changer for our business. The entrepreneur side of me is more confident than ever that Precise is a major milestone for our organization. It’s something very unique that adds credibility and differentiation to the Profile brand.

Profile Nation: But that’s not the only milestone you’re going to see this year, is it?

Malloy: No, it’s not. We have commitments for more than 130 locations now, and we’ll have 50 locations open this summer. That’s a lot of momentum. We knew Profile was hitting that point where the franchise model was proven, and that word would spread quickly about what Profile is doing. It’s happening, so we’re adapting quickly. We’re adapting by offering the services top-notch franchisees expect from a franchise company.

Profile Nation: Give us one example of the way Profile is adapting quickly?

Malloy: It’s happening across the organization, so it’s hard to list just one thing. To me, it always comes down to choosing the right people to help us grow. We’re doing that by continually hiring passionate people. We’re finding like-minded franchisees. And, we’re also building relationships with the right strategic partners. It’s pretty simple: to grow, we’re finding people who buy-in to what we’re building.

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