Ambrose Property Group hires senior VP of development

Ambrose Property Group has named Andrew Greenwood as senior vice president of development. With more than a decade of experience overseeing real estate development projects, Greenwood will offer valuable leadership in the planning and execution of current and upcoming development efforts.

Ambrose’s recent talent acquisitions follow the company’s procurement of the former GM stamping plant site in May 2017. The Indianapolis-based commercial real estate company plans to develop a thriving new district on the west side of downtown Indianapolis on the 103-acre site just south of the Indianapolis Zoo.

“Once we secured the site, we prioritized expanding our team with strategic hires who have the experience and passion to bring the project to life,” said Patrick Chittenden, executive vice president of Ambrose Property Group. “Andrew brings a wealth of real estate development and legal expertise to Ambrose, and we’re fortunate to have him on board for the stamping plant project and beyond.”

Greenwood graduated from Indiana University and went on to earn a law degree from Hofstra University. Greenwood comes to Ambrose with experience in real estate and urban redevelopment, positioning him to lead this transformational project.

“With the waterfront location, the site offers unique development possibilities,” said Greenwood. “I couldn’t be more excited to help lead this team for the stamping plant project which will reawaken an area of Indy primed for transformation.”

Ambrose is committed to partnering with the community throughout the regeneration of the site. By further developing its leadership team, the company expands its resources to more fully invest in community involvement and advocacy.

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