#FollowFriday: February 2, 2018

While we know the #FollowFriday movement has been around for some time, we at the Indy Chamber want to add our own style to the mix. Here we go!



There's no doubt that the Indy region's tech scene is on the move, and a little love from Inc. Magazine by way of Indy tech evangelist Matt Hunckler doesn't hurt.




Deputy Mayor of Economic Development Angela Smith Jones tweets the benefits of Project Indy, a summer youth employment initiative. The Indy Chamber is a proud partner of the new Job Ready Indy program, designed to help young people build the foundational skills for future career success.




Our friends at CICP played host to Bruce Katz this week, Centennial Scholar for The Brookings Institution and author of the new book The New Localism, where Indianapolis is showcased as a shining example of regional collaboration.




Piggybacking on CICP's discussion about The New Localism, Brookings Vice President and Director of the Metropolitan Policy Program Amy Liu provided some additional kudos to Indy's leadership. We can't stress enough the importance of the work our community has done with The Brookings Institution and its impact for years to come.




Our very own international guru Jen Pearl put on her best radio voice this week with Indiana Originals on WIBC to discuss the GoGlobal Grant program, supported by our friends at JPMorgan Chase.




Indy Partnership released its 2017 impact numbers earlier this week, to the tune of over $1.8 Billion in capital investment. These are great numbers, but we're only getting started.




Amazon's Juan Garcia stopped by to chat about their Career Choice program and how Central Indiana's Amazonians can benefit.




Indy's innovation ecosystem is thriving, as highlighted by weekly 1 Million Cups meetups.


That's all for this week, folks! Check back every #FollowFriday for more. 

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