Garden Party Botanical Hard Soda Finds Bubbling Relationship with CISBDC

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Garden Party Botanical Hard Sodas proudly flaunt all-natural ingredients and are bubbling with artisanal flair. They also proudly flaunt their relationship with Central Indiana Small Business Development Center (CISBDC).

An all-natural 8% alcohol carbonated cocktail in a can, Garden Party Botanical Hard Soda is Erin and Stephen Edds’ first project together as co-owners, and was the result of their observations of the adult beverage market. After noticing that no one was applying the same artisanal approach to the flavored malt beverage (FMB) category that had already taken over the beer wine and spirits industry, the duo decided to flip the FMB category on its head by launching Garden Party. 

Upon launching their business, the couple reached out to CISBDC to help address challenges they were facing. CISBDC, an organization housed at the Indy Chamber’s Entrepreneur Services Division, provides business coaching and ancillary resources to small business and entrepreneurs.

Like most start-ups, Garden Party needed help with raising capital, finding the right suppliers, securing distribution, initial marketing, and brand awareness. CISBDC was vital in providing guidance in creating Garden Party’s initial business plan, connected them to many resources that could help with financing and distribution, and helped provide connections to groups and people that have became mentors to the Edds’. 

“CISBDC made us a part of the conversation when speaking with local business influencers, and most definitely opened some doors for us,” says Erin Edds, cofounder of Garden Party Botanical Hard Soda. “The CISBDC is a wealth of resources and advice and we are grateful that they are available to new businesses or those wanting to scale.”

Garden Party finds Indianapolis to be a great city with many resources that foster entrepreneurship.

“I would definitely recommend CISBDC to small business owners in the Indianapolis region,” says Edds. “Don’t be afraid to admit what you don’t know. Help is out there!” 

To learn more about CISBDC, visit their website. To schedule an appointment with a business coach, call 317.464.2228.

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