A Story of Sweet Success: Newfangled Confections

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In 2011, Carrie Abbott was a small business owner who had recently founded a catering company. Carrie had come into contact with the Indiana Small Business Development Center (ISBDC) when she reached out for assistance with her company’s business plan. After consulting with ISBDC, Carrie launched her own gourmet confection business in 2012, Newfangled Confections, and began selling what would become the company’s signature product: Frittle (a tasty combination of fudge and brittle).

With Carrie’s candy company up and running, she continued to seek the direction of ISBDC. ISBDC aided Carrie in marketing and finance; in 2015, ISBDC met with Carrie to both plan and fund Newfangled Confections’ next growth phase.

Newfangled Confections has continued to see growth in local sales, primarily in small food and gift stores. Frittle has managed to gain a substantial following among customers, and is now being sold in multiple stores in both Indiana and Ohio. Many stores across the country are currently requesting expanded placement of Newfangled Confections’ products in their stores.

"ISBDC has been instrumental in the growth of Newfangled Confections," Carrie says. "Entrepreneurs often struggle to find someone they can go to for financial advice or to bounce ideas off of. The impartial, yet experienced words of wisdom are so appreciated. ISBDC helped us with guidelines of marketing and financial guidance a few years back. It's hard to believe it's been over 7 years we formed a relationship and it's still going strong."

Carrie, a Ball State University Geography and Ivy Tech Pastry & Bakery graduate, used her love of candy and her fond memories of old-time sweets to start Newfangled Confections with minimal prior experience in baking and branding. Since founding Newfangled Confections, Carrie has become a self-taught expert in multiple areas, including sales and entrepreneurship. Carrie has effectively utilized ISBDC’s resources for years, and was recently awarded the Economic Development through Growth and Entrepreneurship (EDGE) Award. EDGE is an award that is presented to both developing and established businesses by ISBDC to recognize these businesses’ outstanding achievements, including utilizing external resources to foster the growth of their companies. This award is well-deserved accomplishment for Carrie, and it is a testament to her ingenuity and dedication. 

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