Candy Dynamics Expands International Exposure Through GoGlobal Grant

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Indianapolis-based Candy Dynamics, producer of Toxic candy, offers one-of-a-kind treats that have become a hit with candy lovers of all ages. In addition, Toxic Waste candy has become a YouTube phenomenon as daredevils take the “Toxic Challenge” to see how long they can eat one of the sour candies.

While Toxic Waste candy has been a hit across the country and in a few international markets, Candy Dynamics knew there was room for international growth. The company is now one of the first Indy Chamber GoGlobal grant recipients looking to gain more exposure in foreign markets.

“To date, we have very limited EU distribution. The GoGlobalgrant provides us the ability to attend the world’s largest confectionery show, ISM, which takes place in Cologne, Germany. We will be there as an exhibitor in the USA Pavilion with our products on display for the world to see,” said Laura King, Candy Dynamics Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

“At this show, we will be able to advertise our products and gain interest from importers across the globe. It will be our main goal to expand our international exposure by attaining very valuable leads while exhibiting at ISM.”

The Indy Chamber GoGlobal Grant Export Acceleration Program gives Indy metro businesses more resources to expand their global initiatives.

“Our long term success with the GoGlobal grant includes the partnerships we will be able to form with new global market customers. The show’s success, will bring our company greater sales volume year after year, increasing the impact the Indiana economy as we will be able to hire more employees to help with our expanded global presence,” said King.

“Definitely apply for the GoGlobal grant, and give your company a chance to expand sales through international business. We know our company will see a direct impact to our sales as a result of being granted this opportunity with the GoGlobal grant, and we know there are similar opportunities for other products and companies as well.”

If you’re looking to expand into international markets be sure to visit here to learn more.

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