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In addition to their efforts to bring mass transit and reliable public transportation to Indianapolis, the Indy Chamber's Business Advocacy Committee has chosen to endorse the candidates listed below for the November 8 election. The Business Advocacy Committee is a non-partisan, independent political action committee that supports candidates and elected officials who endorse limited government, free enterprise and a pro-business, pro-economic growth environment. This committee is actively involved in fundraising to support pro-business candidates and business-friendly issues.

Central Indiana

Donna Shaibley (R) - HD 24

Melanie Wright (D) - HD 35

Terri Jo Austin (D) - HD 36

Todd Huston (R) - HD 37

Jerry Torr (R)- HD 39

Sean Eberhart (R) - HD 57

Chris May (R) - HD 65

Ed Delaney (D) - HD 86

Carey Hamilton (D) - HD 87

Cindy Kirchhofer (R) - HD 89

Bob Behning (R) - HD 91

Karlee Macer (D) - HD 92

Cherrish Pryor (D) - HD 94

Greg Porter (D) - HD 96

Justin Moed (D) - HD 97

Robin Shackleford (D) - HD 98

Dan Forestal (D) - HD 100

David Long (R) - SD 16

Luke Kenley (R) - SD 20

Tim Lanane (D) - SD 25

John Ruckelshaus (R) - SD 30

Greg Taylor (D) - SD 33


Indianapolis Public Schools

Michael O'Connor (District 1)

Venita Moore (District 2)

Diane Arnold (District 4)


Other Endorsed Candidates

Linda Lawson (D) - HD 1

Ed Soliday (R) - HD 4

Scott Pelath (D) - HD 9

Bill Friend (R) - HD 23

Mike Karickhoff (R) - HD 30

Kevin Mahan (R) - HD 31

Greg Beumer (R) - HD 33

Tim Brown (R) - HD 41

Ben Smaltz (R) - HD 52

Tom Saunders (R) - HD 54

Cindy Ziemke (R) - HD 55

Ed Clere (R) - HD 72

Lloyd Arnold (R) - HD 74

Wendy McNamara (R) - HD 76

Holli Sullivan (R) - HD 78

Matt Lehman (R) - HD 79

Phil GiaQuinta (D) - HD 80

Brian Bosma (R) - HD 88

Ed Charbonneau (R) - SD 4

Brandt Hershman (R) - SD 7

Ryan Mishler (R) - SD 9

David Niezgodski (D) - SD 10

Ron Alting (R) - SD 22

Time Lanane (D) - SD 25



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