HobNob: Election Showcase Presented by Southwest

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We invite you to join the Indy Chamber on September 1 for HobNob: Election Showcase Presented by Southwest at Union Station. 

Celebrating our election year, HobNob will offer attendees the chance to hear from gubernatorial candidates Lieutenant Governor Eric Holcomb, John Gregg, and Rex Bell. The candidates will each be speaking and answering questions from a moderator during the event.

Highlighting the Indy Chamber’s push for modern mass transit, attendees will be invited to board an electric bus to get a glimpse of Indy’s future. By improving mass transit in Indy, we can better connect people to jobs, grow investments, revitalize neighborhoods, and empower communities. To get on board with our transit initiative, visit transitdrivesindy.com!

To register for HobNob, please visit our registration page. The VIP Experience opens at 4:00 pm and guarantees a free open bar and upper level access to Union Station. General Admission to the event opens at 5:00 pm and includes free wine and beer.

If you have any questions, please email Lisa Roper at [email protected].

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