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Darye Henry will be the first to admit the decision to start his own company was a daunting one to make. But nearly ten years later, Darye and his team are finding the world of entrepreneurship captivating, challenging and still a bit “scary.”

“I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur, I just didn’t know in what way,” said Henry. “When I had the idea to do something that would give me more control over my creativity and my future, I knew this is whatI wanted to do.”

A Purdue University grad with a degree in software development, Henry has always had an interest in innovative technology and worked in the early years of his career performing various freelance jobs through college before landing a gig in the insurance industry. It was then, at the age of 28, that Henry started Reborn Code, a startup technology company that helps clients optimize technology through the development of customized apps.

“It was 2007 and I looked at current job environment and looked 30 years down the road and realized at the time that I didn’t want to be there. I wanted to start my own business and I didn’t want to look back and say I never tried,” Henry added.

Reborn Code found a home at Launch Fishers, a co-working space for entrepreneurs in the startup/growth stage of business development, located in the City of Fishers. Now a team of three, Reborn Code has grown its client base while also witnessing firsthand the growth of Indy’s entrepreneurial culture.

“The tech community and concepts like Launch Fishers has changed dramatically since we started. At that time, this sense of ‘community’ and social technology was unheard of in Indy, now, we’ve reached a whole new level,” said Ollie Ward vice president of operations for Reborn Code.

Ward credits shared-space environments like Launch Fishers, The Speak Easy and others, for giving entrepreneurs the community they need to reach their full potential.

“You get out of it what you put in to it,” he said. “(At Launch Fishers), you are naturally running in to people, bouncing ideas off of others, and collaborating in ways you otherwise wouldn’t.”

Henry agreed: “Here, you get an idea, you work with innovators to, in a way, smash ideas together and see what happens. Sometimes, you fail, sometimes you don’t, but everyone here is taking chances.”  

The team at Reborn Code work with local and national brands to bring their technical expertise to the public. With brands including Cummins, Alaska Airlines and FOX on their client list, the team is staying busy. They do, however, understand the importance of always challenging their creativity. That’s why, they say, they look forward to opportunities to participate in events like the Indy Chamber’s Civic Hack series – merging Indy’s tech community with government entities to use technology to create operational efficiencies in the public sector.

Reborn Code won the first ever Texas v. Indiana Hack Challenge after creating an updated permit application process for the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. This new technology is now being used by another Reborn Code client.

“The Hack Challenges give us an opportunity to push our limits by taking what we do every day, compete against others, and bring our technology expertise to a new demographic that otherwise wouldn’t be exposed to our solutions,” said Henry.

More than that, Ward added. the Indy Chamber’s Hack Challenges help them get plugged in to the community in new ways. As winners of the Texas v. Indiana Hack, the team at Reborn Code had the opportunity to present their solution in front of former Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard and his executive team – an invaluable experience for their business.

With no plans to slow down anytime soon, the guys at Reborn Code are excited about the future of their business and the outlook for Indy’s tech community.

So what’s Henry’s advice for budding entrepreneurs in the tech industry? “Success happens, failure happens, you have to figure out how to learn in the process.”

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