Riley Area Development Corporation 2016 Pop Retail Opportunity on Mass Avenue

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Riley Area Development Corporation is offering a Pop-Up Retail opportunity in the Trail Side Apartments on Mass Avenue at 875 Massachusetts Avenue.  The Pop-Up store will join the existing Yat’s Cajun Creole Restaurant, Homespun Modern Handmade, Natural Born Juicers, the Pattern Workshop, and Quality Boutique. 

The Trail Side Apartments on Mass Avenue, is a mixed use building developed Riley Area Development Corporation and Monument Realty in 2012. The development provides affordable apartments, retail space, and office space supported by a 2012 US Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Community Services Grant for job creation and economic development. 

Riley is offering a very favorable and negotiable lease term for seasonal holiday sales in the 1,300 SF space at 877 Mass Avenue.  This location was home to the Pattern Store and is outfitted with fixtures and lighting suitable to wide range of products.  The timeframe is from September 1, to December 24, 2016.

We are open to a wide range of Pop-Up Retailers with a preference toward concepts and products that are unique to the 800 Block of Mass Avenue and draw traffic to the 800 Block.

Priority is given to first time Pop-Up Retailers, Retailers that are expanding employee count and operating hours, and Retailers that are unique or new concepts.  We are suggesting the Retailer be open for business a minimum of 18 hours per week consistent with peak foot traffic and holiday events, typically Friday/Saturday/Sunday.

Please submittal your proposal to Laura Walters,  [email protected]  by 8/15/16.

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