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It’s undeniable, Hoosiers are passionate about their food.

Luckily for Central Indiana, Market District in Carmel bases its entire philosophy around a love of food. Market District is more than just a grocery store; it’s a gathering place for on-the-go people who value fresh, quality food in a convenient setting.

As a gathering place for the community, Market District offers an in-store restaurant, Table, which features dishes using products sold within the adjacent store. Table showcases Market District’s culinary artists, who are encouraged to use their creativity to expertly craft signature dishes, as well as the quality of products sold within the Market District store.

In addition to Table, Market District offers an event space that provides another opportunity to combine food and community. The space is open to the public for rental and also hosts Sunday brunch featuring food made from items in Market District.  In fact, the Indy Chamber used this event space for our Business After Hours event in February 2016! In addition to its event space, Market District also offers full service catering, from classic offerings like fried chicken, boxed lunches, sushi, cheese and charcuterie platters and more, to fully customized event menus and service.

“Since we are new to the area, a partnership with the Indy Chamber allows us to understand the people in our community as well as connect and partner with other businesses to improve our neighborhood,” says Jim Griffith, executive store leader at Market District. “We are a cause-conscious organization that cares about our community, and an Indy Chamber membership allows us to grow our relationships with other cause-oriented businesses.”

Also, Market District’s freshly prepared foods department allows consumers who are on-the-go to pick up a quick and healthy lunch or bring a nutritious dinner home to their family.  The in-house culinary artists that prepare the food are free to bring their individual styles to their creations, so you know you won’t get a typical, bland recipe!

Lastly, as the bread and butter of Market District, the grocery store provides endless selections of fresh fruits and vegetables, a vast seafood selection including a fresh “catch of the day,” a bakery featuring made-from-scratch items, a deli stocked with fresh cut meats, and an expansive alcohol assortment. Offering both local and non-local products, Market District stocks its products to please an educated palate. 

“Moving into the Indianapolis market, we weren’t sure what exactly to expect,” explains Griffith. “It’s a more diverse area than what we thought it would be, with foodies who want more than a typical Midwest menu. We’ve learned that family and an active lifestyle is important to Hoosiers, and they are always willing to try new foods!”

As a transplant from Columbus, Ohio, Griffith has quickly fallen in love with the Central Indiana region.

“Downtown Indianapolis has always been a favorite destination of mine, even when I was still living in Columbus,” says Griffith. “It is such a walkable and entertaining city. There is great food, fantastic venues and good opportunities for anyone who lives here.”

The next time you are looking for a place to gather with friends or just explore by yourself, head over to Market District. To learn more about this one-of-a-kind culinary destination and opportunities to save money on your next trip to the store, visit www.marketdistrict.com.

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