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Economic development in the Indianapolis region by simple practice should not be divided into domestic and international functions. Every function of economic development including business attraction, existing business expansion, entrepreneur services, advocacy, and even networking should be practiced with a global mindset. 

In order to compete on an international stage, a shift in traditional economic development of looking over the proverbial neighbor’s fence of state and county lines is necessary. Seeking global business for our region by providing export assistance and seeking new projects from outside the U.S. is key and will be the sustainable economic development practice of world class cities of the future.

This year’s Indy Chamber World Trade Day seeks to shed light on opportunities for Indy businesses tolead the way to prosperity in today’s innovation-driven global economy.

This daylong event will feature engaging, thought provoking sessions to get area business thinking globally. Check out the event lineup for the Indy Chamber’s 2016 World Trade Day…you can’t afford to miss this.  

  • 16 Tech: Plugging Into Global Innovation Centers: Learn how you can leverage 16 Tech's intentional global strategy to build on your innovation practices and access world thought leaders.
  • Advanced Manufacturing: Indy has a long history of innovative manufacturing beginning with innovators like Col. Eli Lilly and James Allison, today is no different as we head into the next century with aerospace and bio technology. Hear from panelists and experts on how to tap into the global supply chain, barriers, and opportunities around the world.
  • Agriculture: As the world population grows, so does the need for advanced agriculture technology to meet the demand for food production. Hear from industry leaders on how you can plug into this vast opportunity.
  • Global Leadership: When welcoming foreign nationals into the workforce, managing cross cultural challenges can be overwhelming. Learn from experts on ways you can work with employees to transition into the global market.

To register for World Trade Day, visit

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