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Aligning with their parent company Cox Automotive’s sustainability goals, the ThinkGreen team was born. Composed of 11 people, ThinkGreen began to implement positive change at NextGear Capital.

Before the ThinkGreen team got their start, NextGear Capital was regularly filling up and overflowing a six yard long dumpster nightly. From the dumpster, the trash was sent to a landfill, producing methane gas that is harmful to the environment. After implementing green business practices, NextGear Capital’s 500+ corporate team members only produce four bags of trash a day.

With over a year under their belt, the ThinkGreen team has implemented several sustainable practices at NextGear Capital’s corporate office, including:

  • Installing a small recycling bin at each team member’s desk, cutting 50 percent of trash immediately
  • Using eco-friendly plates and bowls as well as compostable cutlery
  • Replacing Styrofoam cups with washable coffee mugs, preventing 110,400 Styrofoam cups from entering the landfill
  • Placing “Turn off the lights” signage around light switch covers to save energy
  • Implementing a composting program

Due to these sustainable practices, NextGear Capital has kept 29 tons of waste out of the landfill since April of 2015 and is on target to become certified as a “Zero Waste to Landfill” facility by December 2017.  Think Green is now being implemented in all of Cox Automotive business units after capturing the attending of their corporate headquarters, who launched a “One Less Cup”” campaign to raise green awareness.

“The investment of time and energy from NextGear Capital team members is nothing short of inspirational. We are well on our way to hit our stretch goal of being the first Cox Automotive company to achieve the goal of being a ‘Zero Waste toLandfill’ company,” says Bryan Everly, Chief Technology Officer at NextGear Capital.

NextGear Capital’s commitment to green business isn’t stopping there. Teaming up with the green business community, NextGear Capital joined the Indy Chamber’s Green Business Initiative, helping to lead the way on sustainability in Indy. Currently, the ThinkGreen team is getting involved in local environmental projects through volunteer work and plans on adding green building components and LEED certifications to their facility.

To other businesses that want to start implementing a green program, the ThinkGreen team at NextGear Capital has a few words of advice. “It takes effort and dedication to achieve your goals. You can’t be afraid to get your hands dirty!”

If you are interested in joining a coalition of businesses dedicated to green business, join the Indy Chamber’s Green Business Initiative! Learn more at indychamber.com/greenbusiness or contact Lisa Roper at lroper@indychamber.com.

Dedicated to sustainability, NextGear Capital in Carmel, an inventory finance solutions company, is taking green business to a whole new level. 

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